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  • By : Umair
  • 28-feb

Machenical Parts We Use

  • Traction machine with incorder importer.
    rubber blad foundation imported 100*100MM.
  • I been imported +different chanel and different size.
  • Traction machine nut bolt complete.
  • Complete electrical panel controlling.
  • Inventory yashkang made in japan.
  • Contractor, branches, relays imported.
  • Resistor imported.
  • Auto matic rescue devise import.
  • Controlling PG card import.
  • Speed governer 1 meter speed per second.
  • Pit pully.
  • Speed governer wire 8/19=8mm.
  • Center pully + shaft different size.
  • Barring different size.
  • Tumble plates to 20mm to 30 mm different.
  • Wire attachment imported.
  • Wire rope 8/19 different sizes.
  • Cabin platform, irons, MS plates, Side bras, different angles balance rods, MS float different.
  • Cabin rubber paid 75*100*50mm.
  • Cabin safety gear ( Emergency break).
  • Vico sensor imported.
  • Doors drive with cabin door imported 304g SS complete accessories different size imported.
  • Landing door SS 304g with anger ( Door Operator).
  • Outside call buttons (LOP) imported.
  • Cabin car boat (COP) imported.
  • Cabin light + fans across.
  • Inter come cabin inside.
  • Going up going down bells for cabin.
  • Center weight frame different iron imported.
  • Weight frame concrete + MS sheet.
  • Cabin shows different size.
  • Wall brake different size 60*60=6mm.
  • Guide ralls different size vertical stapes.
  • Guide main brackets different sizes 50*50=6mm different size.
  • Anchor bolts different size 12*100mm.
  • Nut bolts complete accessories all elevator parts different size.
  • Plumb angles 40*40=50.
  • Plumb wire SS 23g.
  • Bracket angles 50*50=6mm different size.
  • Center weight frame different iron imported.

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